The Problem:

With a population of over 28,000 inhabitants, San Lorenzo is a municipality in the Department of Boaco, which is over 56 miles from Managua, the country’s capital. The residents of San Lorenzo rely heavily on subsistence farming, raising such items as beans, rice, corn, wheat and sorghum. Livestock farming is also used in this community but mainly as a means for local consumption.

A majority of the residents in San Lorenzo – especially in the rural areas – cannot afford decent housing and the access to clean water is limited. Many residents use wells, rivers, and public posts to obtain water; however, these sources are not properly treated and contain high levels of contamination.

There is an extreme demand for housing, easy access to clean water, proper sanitation, and income-producing opportunities that will help families to fulfill their basic needs.

The Solution:

Phase 1 of the San Lorenzo Community of Hope project created new housing for 12 families. Each family received a double-unit residence comprising two bedrooms, one living room, a porch, a household sanitation unit, and a personal water system. These dwelling were built on a cement foundation and constructed with pre-fabricated, concrete block and study zinc-sheet roofing.

This project also gave 30 families an opportunity to earn an income through the production of beans and were provided with the necessary tools and supplies to do so. The families received fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, and other agricultural inputs necessary for the care of their crops. Each family also completed a training on plague control and disease prevention during cultivation of the bean grain.

Lastly, this project funded the construction of a community center perfect for civic meetings, social gatherings, and workshops that each resident of the community has access to.


San Lorenzo, Boaco, Nicaragua

project type

Community Development

families served

15 families

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