The Problem:

With an estimated population of 9,000 residents, the community of Treille is located in the fourth communal section of Gros-Morne.

There is an urgent need for adequate housing and sanitation in this community. Most families in this region live in homes built with wooden scraps, rocks, clay, and metal sheets, leaving the residents vulnerable to harsh weather conditions.

Inside the homes, there is no potable water, proper sanitation, or electricity. The lack of clean water and proper sanitation contributes to the rapid spread of diseases throughout the community.

Many families live in extreme poverty, earning less than $1 per day working as seamstresses, carpenters, masons, and farmers. The community relies heavily on agriculture with the main crops being plantains, yams, Congo peas, beans, and peanuts. However, due to the lack of adequate resources, farmers can only harvest a small quantity of what is planted, which is barely enough for personal consumption.

The community of Treille is in dire need of safety and security through new housing, new income-producing activities within the community, and easy access to clean water and sanitation, which we hope to provide for them.

The Plan:

The Treille Community Development project first plans to address the issue of housing. This project will construct 40 homes with water, sanitation, furnishings, and solar light kits to provide a new start for these families. These homes will drastically improve their lives in the community, giving them strong sense of security. With direct access to clean water and proper sanitation, they will be less exposed to harmful waterborne illnesses.

This project also plans to address the issue of community involvement in Treille. Currently, all social gathering are held in the nearby church because they do not have a centralized community center. A community center will provide a meeting place for the residents of Treille and foster community cohesion. Additionally, the center will also be used as a shelter in case of natural disasters, as well as a treatment center when mobile health clinics come through the area.

Residents of Treille are in desperate need of assistance in improving their lives. The Treille Community Development project plans on addressing the community’s needs and improving the residents’ lives in any way possible.


Treille, Haiti

project type

Community Development

families to be served

40 families

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