The Problem:

The municipality of Quezalguaque is over 9 miles from its department capital, Leon, and over 73 miles from Nicaragua’s capital, Managua. Quezalguaque has a population of about 8,900 inhabitants, 55% of whom live in rural communities. The residents in these rural communities live in high-risk shacks made up of discarded refuse such as zinc sheets, planks, and plastic and the access to clean water is extremely limited.

The Solution:

The Quezalguaque Community Development project funded the cost of building 42 double-unit homes consisting of two bedrooms, one living room, and a personal sanitation unit. Finding sanitary, safe, and accessible means to care for yourself is tough to come by in this area of Nicaragua making it extremely important to give the residents of this town a way to properly care for themselves. Each home built gave the resident access to not only a secure and stable living arrangement, but also their own sanitation facilities and access to potable water through piping and a faucet. Water meters with protection boxes were installed near the homes, and the families were given proper training on how to sustain them.


Quezalguaque, Leon, Nicaragua

project type

Community Development

families served

42 families

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