The Problem:

The problem in this case is obvious, and unfortunately, impacted the entire world. COVID-19 hit communities, families, and individuals harder than anyone could have ever expected and is still making a negative impact on many people’s lives. Not only were family members lost during this time, but the ongoing economic pressure that families face because of the COVID-19 pandemic is immense. When we decided to do this project with Food for the Poor, there was a low number of infected people officially reported in Nicaragua; however, the country was at risk for projected chaotic scenarios by epidemiologists. Because of the lack of assistance from the Nicaraguan government, impoverished citizens were at risk for suffering from food deprivation and starvation.

The Solution:

Given the lack of assistance from the Nicaraguan government, we felt as though the best way to benefit the people of Nicaragua was to offer emergency relief to these families.

Through the COVID-19 Response project, we were able to help over 2,000 families and over 10,000 individuals throughout 20 different communities. This project provided underserved families with a 3-month supply of food and hygiene essentials to help alleviate their desperation during the COVID-19 outbreak.



project type

Food Relief

families served

2,060 families

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