Matthew Heslin, Chairman of Heslin Family Foundation, Receives Commendable Award
May 4, 2023

Matthew Heslin, Chairman of the Heslin Family Foundation, received the Bishop’s award for exemplary business integrity at this years Conference on Business and Ethics hosted by The Orange Catholic Foundation.

Matthew Heslin is not only the Chairman of the Heslin Family Foundation, but he is also the Founder & CEO of Heslin Holdings, a Commercial Real Estate Development & Investment Firm, as well as Green Sands Capital, a Multi-Family Investment Firm. While Matt has led all of his companies to ample success, his goal is to succeed not for the money, but to be able to fulfill God’s word to help those around him.

Matt’s business partners and employees are all in agreement that it is easy to operate at the highest ethical standard under Matt’s leadership. Matt has been described as an “ambassador of faith-driven business, of business driven by ethics and integrity.” He aims to provide a work environment where integrity is the foundation that builds the trust needed to create relationships that outlast any given project. Matt has always said that he is “not in the real estate business, he is in the relationship business. Real estate is just the product.” Knowing Matt is knowing what it means to truly care about those around him. Real estate is the avenue that Matt uses to carry out God’s word in any way that he can.

The guiding principles of Integrity, Accountability, Transparency, and Results motivates Matt’s employees to outwork those around them while maintaining a level of integrity that, at times, lacks consistency throughout the industry. One of Matt’s employees stated that “often in the corporate world, individual’s success benefits the CEO’s of the company while providing no benefit to the success of the employees. However, working under Matt’s leadership means you are not just working for Matt, but you are working with him.” It is clear that Matt builds up those around him to not only aid in their path of personal growth, but to benefit the greater good of the world.

As a foundation created to provide hope and help to a hurting world, we are pleased to share our Chairman, Matthew Heslin’s, accomplishments in business. His integrity, his character, and his generosity continues to inspire those around him.

– Proverbs 19:17 –

“Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the LORD, and He will reward them for what they have done.”